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Non pokemon sales!
atlantia zorua
Just like the title says, non Pokemon sales!

Ask for a quote first! I ship from CANADA!

Authentic Laboon and Chopper figure. It's big! As big as a Pokedoll I'd say.
Asking $35 (cheaper than what I paid!)

Kuzan cell phone strap: $2

Smoker, Zoro, Perhona: $5 each

Totoro plushies! All MWT. Back of tags have some sticky residue still, as they had the price sticker on the tag. ; n; I peeled off without damage, but it left behind some of that sticker glue. Could be removed if you have some spare time!
Big Totoro: $17
Med Totoro: $14
Small Totoro: $10
NekoBus: $15

I bought these all myself in Tokyo from a Ghibli shop!

Set of Lucys keys from Fairy Tail!
They are made of metal.
Asking $25 only!

Feedback thread
atlantia zorua
Please leave me feedback here if I have bought anything from you!

Please fill this in if you like:

I was: Seller/Buyer/GA Runner/Trader
Rating: ?/5

This is for pkmncollectors.

Thank you very much! :3

Zorua Collection
atlantia zorua
Hello there!

So I am collecting Zorua items (yes Pokemon). If you have Zorua things you are looking to sell please let me know. :) I'd love to take them off your hands. <3 I pay with Paypal and am very prompt. As my list gets bigger I will update with more journal entries to let you know what I have and what I am looking for. As of right now I am looking for anything you have. :)